Terms of Use Agreement

By employing AneCalc, you hereby accept and understand the terms as outlined herein:

The use of AneCalc is not designed to overrule or substitute any prevailing local guidelines or protocols. This application is intended to be a supplementary aid, not a substitute for sound clinical judgment. The information dispensed through this platform is merely advisory, with the ultimate responsibility for medication dosages, their administration, and associated actions solely falling upon the clinician.

AneCalc sources its information from trustworthy platforms, yet considering the fast-paced and voluminous nature of new data continually emerging in the medical sector, there might be instances where some information requires updating. Despite our constant endeavors to provide the latest information, AneCalc cannot guarantee the complete accuracy, timeliness, or comprehensiveness of the information shared at all times. Users should understand that their reliance on the provided information is solely at their own risk. We do not bear any responsibility for any injury, loss, or damage arising from the use of or reliance on the material contained within this application.

While accuracy is paramount, infallibility of all calculations under every circumstance cannot be guaranteed. We advise manual dosage verification of all calculations before use. Children's dosages should never exceed adults' maximum dosage. Please promptly report any identified errors to admin@anecalc.com.

AneCalc includes links to various resources as a courtesy to users. The presence of these links should not be interpreted as our endorsement of the content, associated organizations, products, or services found therein.

In line with the ongoing enhancement of our calculation mechanisms, it's essential to verify their accuracy continuously. We provide the reasoning behind these calculations, but the distinctive needs of each patient demand a tailored approach, which falls under the purview of the anesthesia professional.

It's important to understand that the information provided by AneCalc does not serve as a substitute for formal training obtained through Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses or similar programs. It doesn't represent professional medical advice or a complete training program. Users should not depend exclusively on this information and should engage with their medical society for the appropriate guidelines pertaining to anesthesia practice.

The use of AneCalc is the user's sole responsibility, and the outcomes stemming from its usage fall entirely upon the user. The creators and developers of AneCalc disclaim any form of liability or claims that may arise from its use.

Continued use of AneCalc signifies your understanding of, and agreement with, these terms.